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APX5500 HD

Presentation Switcher/Video Scaler


The APX5500 HD is a multiple input switcher scaler that can scale video inputs up to 1080p or UXGA. Video Input formats include 3 HDMI, 3 VGA, 1 Component and 1 Composite. Video Output formats include 2 HDMI and 1 VGA. All video inputs, except HDMI, have discrete stereo. Audio output is available on HDMI or extracted to 3.5mm or digital coax. The APX5500 HD has a number of control methods including front panel push button, OSD, Web GUI, IR remote, RS232 or Telnet. The comprehensive control protocol lets users select inputs, change output resolutions, change aspect ratios, control audio output levels and much more. This screen shot of The Web Interface shows seven display SIZE output settings that can be selected to precisely fit the source image onto the display.Support is also provided as follows:• Switching and scaling of multiple AV inputs to HDMI or PC/HD outputs.
• 3D de-interlace, noise reduction and 3D comb filter
• Frame rate conversion
• RS-232, IP(Telnet/Web GUI) and IR controls
• Output timing hot key switching
• HDMI compatible with DVI
• Digital to Analog (DAC) and Analog to Digital (ADC) Audio
• Non-HDCP mode for use with Apple computers