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APAV’s Classroom Control System consists of the Q8 Central Controller, the APX5500 HD presentation switcher and user interface.

The Q8 and APX5500 HD have configurable static IP addresses so they can be easily integrated into existing Ethernet LAN structures.

The Q8 has a built-in web server that serves the control system program as HTML pages that can be accessed by any web browser enabled device on the network including, iPad(s), iPhone(s), PCs and Workstations.

The control system program is created in Vision Master software and downloaded to the Q8.

Access to the control system program is as simple as opening the web browser and entering the address of the Q8 Central Controller.

Once opened users can control devices connected to the Q8 over the Ethernet.

The Q8 can also control devices not connected to the Ethernet by RS232/422/485, Infrared or relay contact closure.

Competitive pricing, ease of installation and compelling features make the APAV Classroom Control System ideally suited for K1-12 classroom(s), colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Classroom Control System Layout
Q8 Central Controller

Q8 Central Controller

APX5500 HD Presentation Switcher