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APX4000 HD

4 x 1 HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer

APX4000 HD
APX4000 HDThe APX4000 HD is a Quad Screen Multiviewer that accepts 4 individual HDMI video sources for seamless multiview on a single HDMI display.Video sources can be viewed in 4 different window patterns. Any source’s position can be swapped with another. A single video source can also be viewed full screen by using the channel select buttons.

Control is provided by front panel, IR handheld remote, Telnet and RS232.

Support is also provided as follows:

• Seamless Switching between channels and Windows
• Zoom and Shrink 4CH input image and/or overlay
• Supports PIP, POP and multi-windows display
• Fade-In-Out, Chromakey, Mirror and rotation (90° left & right and 180° up & down) functions
• 8 Screen setting hot keys and extra 4 customized favorite screen setting
• Support individual channel size and position adjustment
• Supports OSD, RS 232 Remote and on-panel controls