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TPX-HD 5000 HD BaseT Extender Set

HD BaseT Extender with POE (power over Ethernet)

TPX-HD 5000 HDMI Extender

The TPX-5000 HD BaseT Extender Set can transmit HDMI signals, RS232 and IR data up to 70 meters (230 feet) over standard CAT5e/6 twisted pair cabling.

When source and display are more than 50′ apart using the TPX-5000 HD will ensure transmission of the HD signal to the display.

It also saves installers time and money when running all three signal types over a single CAT5e/6 cable. For example, RS232 or IR data codes can be sent over the same CAT5e/6 cabling to turn displays ON/OFF.

Each TPX-5000 HD Set includes separate transmitter and receiver both identical in size and weight. Power can be applied to either transmitter or receiver using the supplied 12V 1A DC external power adapter.

Both transmitter and receiver are housed in light weight aluminum enclosures and come with separate mounting hardware.