Central Controllers

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Central controllers are the hub of the control system. They connect to all controlled devices through a variety of output ports including RS232, Infrared, Relay and Ethernet. Each central controller has an internal web server that stores user interface programs. The programs are converted to HTML pages for access by web browser enabled devices. Connection is [...]

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Web browser control is optimized for the Safari browser used by Apple devices. It supports the page swipes popularized by Apple devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. After launching the control program a feature in Safari can create a desktop shortcut to launch the program full screen without ever having to enter the controller [...]

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Three unique program interfaces

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The internal web server in the central controller can store up to three unique graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for access by different devices. For example, one program for iPad, another for iPhone and a third for PC. By default the programs work in sync together, but, can also be programmed to work independently.

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Custom Design

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Control systems are custom programmed for each unique installation. Vision Master software is used to make the user interface. Logic Master is used to load instruction sets. APAV maintains libraries of ready made device modules that can be easily inserted into any program. APAV offers system design and programming services and hosts periodic training classes for [...]

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Applications include conference rooms, presentation rooms, class rooms, churches, sports bars, casinos, home theaters and home automation. Control systems provide a solution whenever the proliferation of remote controls makes management of the equipment difficult.